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Cruising mode can be turned on and off so you don’t have to broadcast your location to everyone if you’re not interested in hooking up that night or whatever.Another perk to the legitimate sex dating sites is cam play with other users on the site.It’s my general opinion however the best dating sites in Canada, or anywhere else, are also the most popular dating sites.The matching algorithms are helpful, but not necessarily entirely useful.Firstly, the size of the user base and the popularity of the site is weighted higher than any other factor. A crappy interface makes the site clunky to use and users have less fun going through the profiles with a bad interface.Since searching and navigating the site is a big part of user experience, we wanted to weigh that very heavily as well.Some of these sites offer free membership to women only in order to recruit female members. In other words, they create fake profiles manned either by automated response chatbots or actual company employees who are paid to flirt with the male members of the site.

These are going to be sites that offer an incredible user base of both men and women, excellent search engines, and great matching algorithms.Anyway, the testing method we employed was to send out as many messages to women on the site that we were interested in dating.The sites on which we got the most amount of dates are at the top of the list, while the sites with the fewest are at the bottom.So you’re not going to find any good dating sites that cater specifically to Canadians or Americans or by geographical location.You’ll find the best dating sites for your particular niche, say cougars, or BDSM dating.

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