Dating without a job

There are many people willing to uproot and move out here to work due to the possibility of good hardship pay.

If you want to work in Afghanistan, I recommend you check out the selection of resources below for searching for employment opportunities in this country as a foreigner.

If you absolutely want to go somewhere that requires a car, you can always borrow one or rent a car for your date.

Another option is to double date with a friend who has a car.

Also, if you have luck on your side, you might even meet a girl who has her own car, so transportation won't be a concern at all.

If you live in a city with public transportation, or even in a place with a decent downtown area, you have no worries as you can walk to bars, restaurants, stores and movie theaters, or opt for trains and buses.

To add to the situation, much of the advice targeted at older workers is conflicting.

Don’t include your birth date, graduation date, or, if you can avoid it, dates of employment.” Instead, Bowers suggests organizing your resume around “functional skills clusters to de-emphasize dates.” Here’s how you can learn more about creating a functional resume (with or without dates). Career coach Miriam Salpeter advocates always including dates on your resume in relation to your job experience.

However, if you live in a remote area and plan on dating regularly, you probably should consider factoring a car into your future.

Kelsi Johnston has been writing short stories and assorted articles since 2008.

Afghanistan has all sorts of job opportunities for foreigners that pay extremely well.

The catch is that, well, you will have to live in Afghanistan.

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