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And as a matter of fact, even though I've spent literally YEARS reprogramming myself and learning as much as I could about women and attraction, I still know that somewhere deep in my subconscious mind this old programming exists. and since we only have a little time together in this newsletter, I'll get right to the point...

Of course, it doesn't affect my behavior the way it used to, but my point is that once you program yourself or open yourself to programming from others and from our modern culture, it's sometimes a challenge to overcome that programming and go on to be successful. And the only one that's going to be able to do anything about this programming that we're talking about IS YOU. 1) Look around and pay careful attention to what's REALLY going on.

nobody cares whether or not you're successful, only you do).

The more you improve, the more you'll WANT to improve, and the easier it will become. Keep a journal, write down what works and what doesn't, think about the things you'd like to change and write them down. If you do these things, you'll begin to REPROGRAM YOURSELF and change your negative programming into POSITIVE programming and success.

they only like me as a friend." So, part of this step is for you to take a day or so and go out in public...

to a place that is PACKED with people, and look around at the couples.

3) Have you CHOSEN the beliefs and attitudes that you have towards women, or have they been "chosen for you" by others, situations, programming, TV, the media, etc.?

If you're like most guys I know who would like to improve their success with women, then you probably have one or two "negative programs" in your subconscious mind (if you're like I used to be before I learned the things I know now, then you might have A LOT of them. I can remember feeling that if a woman rejected me in front of other people that I WOULD DIE of embarrassment.

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Let me give you a little Tough Love: NO ONE CARES WHETHER OR NOT YOU FIGURE THIS STUFF OUT WITH WOMEN. If you learn how to meet and date the kinds of women that you've always wanted, it won't matter to anyone. Your buddies aren't going to come over tomorrow night and say, "Hey, you know, I've been thinking about it. Just like a comedian looks at the fine details and tells stories about things that we never see... I hadn't been to Vegas in about 4 years, so everything seemed new to me... I'm not sure if it was because I was looking at all of the new sights or what, but for some reason I was really noticing a lot of little details... how attractive women will be with guys of all shapes, sizes, and ages...

AND NO ONE CARES WHETHER OR NOT YOU'RE SUCCESSFUL WITH WOMEN... Your friends won't think you're any cooler (well, maybe a little), your mom won't stop nagging you, your boss won't pay you more money, and you won't lose that extra 10 pounds that you've needed to lose for the past 10 years. You really need to do something about your subconscious programming in the area of women and dating, and I'd like to help you." Your mom isn't going to call you up and say, "You know, dear, I've been thinking about it, and I really put some bad ideas in your mind about how to treat women... If you want to do something about your programming and your success, you're going to have to DO IT ALL YOURSELF. but are right there in front of us, you need to look closer. there were about 5 huge new hotels that had just opened, and I spent the day walking around and just seeing the sights. and I was paying special attention to the couples that were strolling around on the strip. When you really look around and pay attention to what's actually going on, you'll be amazed.

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Almost universally they tell me that their ATTITUDES and SKILLS are far more important than their looks.

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