Entourage exchange inbox not updating

I am running windows vista home premium and have had to reinstall.

When going through the windows update the service packs dont show up. -- smills98823 Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 service packs are not available for installation through Windows Update:

My INBOX is not updating although everything else seems to be working just fine. Typically a cache problem, Select the root of your Exchange account and Ctrl-click it.

My Sent items, calendar etc update with no problems. You should be able to get to the properties and from there to purge the cache.

&g..inbox I just added another email account to my outlook, but I can't find an inbox for the new email address. Adding a new e-mail account doesn't create any new Inboxes - the e-mail will go into the same Inbox as the existing accounts. Opened it this morning and the IMAP Inbox is completely empty.

Emails showing on Webmail and in Thunderbird, but O2007 Inbox empty! It should grab everything in the IMAP Online Store.

I was wondering if sql/access has a limitation on updating sprocs that contain table joins? I was able to restore from backup but afraid to allow online updates again. We need more information: How is the download coming in? Everything works well but the user must hit "enter" after imputing a new item or the value will not be updated in the list box.

The receptionist at this company has access to everyone's calendars in the building.

Any advice other than trying an export to local folders?

All Inbox mail updates normally, while his Outlook 2011 for mac does not.

Per MS suggestions i had emptied the "Inbox" cache.

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange I use Entourage 2008 on Mac 10.5.8 operating system. My Sent items, calendar etc update with no problems.

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