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Individuals claim a right of privacy for an enormously wide range of issues from the right to practice contraception or have an abortion to the right to keep bank records confidential" [Flaherty 1989].

It is fairly easy today for a technically sophisticated person to remain anonymous and avoid accountability on the Internet for actions which are questionable or illegal, e.g., sending advertising mail to numerous newsgroups (spamming), running a pornography server, or hacking the Web page of another person.

In recent years, these claims have expanded to include the right to keep one's trail of sites visited on the World Wide Web confidential.

In order to implement "privacy" in a computer system, we need a more precise definition.

In the three cases mentioned above, rapidly spreading, vocal, articulate protests by members of the Internet community have caused commercial firms to significantly change their plans; these cases are starting to define what is acceptable in Cyberspace.

A market is operating, and the private sector can, as in most markets, strive to fill the market requirements.

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Less law and more user choice is possible now; technology can provide every user with controls fine-tuned for the balance of privacy and accessibilty that they prefer.

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