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A Chop House burger, which consists of a brioche bun, cheese, bacon, pickle and onion rings will set you back a whopping £18.

And that would be one of the cheapest meals you can order off the restaurant's menu.

He attended the 2016 Ryder Cup as a fan and plans to fly to Paris for it again this year, where, as he discussed on the podcast, he expects it to be the the best 24 players ever assembled for the event. As I get older — I’m 58 — everyone knows I love TV but it’s very difficult for me to sit through a full football game. When he goes to the driving range, there’s that little time of 20 minutes. Andrews, I have three or four really good amateur friends that are going to go over there and try to qualify. It wouldn’t shock me if Phil Mickelson is mentioned or Tiger Woods in four years. But if you say that to someone such as the PGA of America president, he may not think it’s that funny. It’s to get them to Paris, like Jim Furyk is gonna do. But the Ryder Cup is the greatest achievement to get there. I honestly think — last year wasn’t good — I think this year in France is going to be incredible.

Check out some of the conversation with Couples below, and for more listen to the entire podcast. Thirty years ago you couldn’t turn the channel every two seconds and watch golf on one channel, college basketball on another, hockey on another, lacrosse on another…I enjoy just watching people. I might go to a basketball game and not even look at the guy with the ball half the time just to see what everyone else is doing. In terms of golf, you’ll have plenty of time to talk about Tiger Woods, who played this weekend at Torrey Pines, another step on the comeback trail. Tiger would tell you that if he plays golf and there’s a wait on the tee for two groups, or if someone loses a ball, he stands there for 10 minutes, it’s like you’re starting over. That’s where the Senior British Open will be there for the first time. The bottom line is, after the run of the Presidents Cup, I didn’t really call up the PGA, but the word got out. I may have told them a couple different things they didn’t want to hear…I just think I wasn’t maybe one of their guys. He’s going to get these guys to play well, and I think I can do that very well. I left Sunday morning and got home to watch it on TV. It’s a unique event, and even though I play golf, I love to go to Super Bowls. I don’t do this all the time, but as I get older, golf is becoming secondary. I played on five teams and I had a blast…The whole week, you’re nervous from the time you get there on Monday. It’s hard to explain to people…you go tee off on a Tuesday in front of 30,000 people, we do it all the time. It’s going to be the best 24 players — I think — ever assembled, I think. We’ve had teams with Nicklaus, Trevino, Miller, but if you include Europe, they weren’t probably as strong back then as our team.

I don't condone his behavior and be could have handled it better but I think we've all been on the brink of insanity with this game and he just so happened to go insane on live TV. I'd include Hal Sutton, Lee Trevino, Veejay Singh and Curtis Strange.

On the opposite end of this list, I've heard many good things about Davis Love III and of course Phil.

Most of them are but if you want to meet the whole gang you will need to actually go on First Dates.

Blonde waitress Ci Ci Coleman is an actress who was trained in New York.

Barman Merlin Griffiths is a mixologist and landlord of a pub and bar, and Sam Conrad is a waiter.

I've seen the posts here referring to the guys today that people don't like or who are well known jerks (looking at you Rory Sabbatini). That time Fuzzy Zoeller told Tiger Woods not to serve fried chicken and collard greens at the Master's dinner was pretty embarrassing.https://

v=9ufp U3X-t4walthough I believe he was generally well-liked by his fellow competitors.

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