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As with any match-making app, it attracts all kinds. There’s no denying that the whole experience was unusual and far beyond my comfort zone.

I joined a sorority, socialized with people at work and was always the first to introduce myself at a party.

But after a few minutes of small talk, we began to hit it off and spent the next few hours laughing over coffee. My success using the app is pretty much limited to that one connection.

We’ve since become pretty good friends, so I’d mark this one down as a win for Bumble BFF. Though I did talk with a handful of other women and even met a few of them IRL, I quickly realized that actually forming true friendships is a phenomenon that’s few and far between.

Too often, I found myself judging a little too harshly — too much of a hipster, too granola, I doubt we have anything in common. I was on an app to find friends, so what made me think I could be so selective?

When a new potential BFF is just a swipe away, it’s hard not to turn on Mean Girls mode and become ultra picky. After a week of texting with a couple of connections, I took the plunge and set up a friend date with one Bumbler I really clicked with.

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