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Outside he opened the car door for me and a nice car it was.

I have never had the luxury of driving anything better than a used car.

Part way through dinner I excused myself to use the powder room.

I always like to check my hair and makeup as I like to keep looking good throughout my date.

Choosing something to wear on a date is the only time I wish I was the male.

It must be so simple to put on a suit for a more formal date and opt for favorite slacks and shirt for something more casual. I could tell by the smiles on my girls’ faces that I looked pretty good.

I asked her what he was like and she began to describe this wonderful, single, handsome, well off fellow that I should meet.

When I returned to the table there were fresh drinks in front of both our places.

I was now thoroughly disappointed in the quantity of liquor he was putting away.

I excused myself to get a vase and put them in water.

He took a seat in the living room and made small talk with my oldest daughter.

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