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Under the law, only parents have this right and if there is no parent someone needs to be appointed the Guardian. Technically, a Court can appoint anyone in the best interests of the child as the Guardian.

In this role, they have the legal right to make most decisions for them including medical, school, sports, health, and treatment.

Before you decide to store it in a plastic bag in your freezer, one thing to note is that you have options for where to safely store your will.Either way, it’s each family’s personal decision about who should be named.Familial relationships and cooperation should be strongly considered.The four big questions for parents of children when estate planning are, who should be the Guardian? One of the most important things to do in a Will is to name the Guardian for your kids. The Guardian has to be at least 18, without felony convictions, a US citizen or permanent resident, and the Court will run a background check. Appointment as a Guardian requires a Court appointment in New York and Connecticut. However, the Courts in New York and Connecitcut will almost appoint the Guardian that the parents named in a Will.

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Depending on your state, this role can be referred to as the executor of the estate, executor of the will, personal representative or by other names, but the concept is the same.

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