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" Respondents wrote, "hidden, mysterious and fun;" "limited;" "incestuous, tiresome, sometimes surprising;" and "lacking, sparse, confusing." My favourite response (from Marjolène Gauthier) was "alcoholic, hairy and weird." Other findings: it's tough to find new people in a small town and it's difficult to meet singles that don't drink alcohol.

While it's easy to hook up for an ooh la la night, competition is fierce for longer-term partners.

Someone recently told my lover, "In Whitehorse you don't lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn." It's a pithy summary of the dating experience in this town and perhaps in the Yukon in general.

A quick look at the Statistics Canada 2012 data reveals men out number women in the Yukon by a margin of 50.8 percent to 49.2.

"There are a lot of fantastic single and beautiful people in Whitehorse with a lot of love to give," says Tuck.

"If they can find someone to give that love to, the community will be a better place in general.

Respondents all agreed the size of our community makes finding romance challenging in both gay and heterosexual communities.

One respondent noted, "Dating is not easy anywhere. I find there are a lot of desperate women here that will settle for anything." Another woman offered this tip to women, "Get comfortable with being single while living in the Yukon.

Google Wednesday 08/14/19 5% of people have purchased this while drunk.That, or lower your standards." The survey respondents also had some suggestions for where to find a potential mate — and all respondents advised mate-seekers to stay away from the bar.They've had better luck playing baseball, on the website (imagine how delightful and convenient that meeting must have been), through friends, at work, in Atlin and at other music festivals.Looking at the data for single folks is a little more revealing.At the time of the last headcount in 2011, the number of singlemen in Whitehorse was 3,585 compared to a mere 3,135 single women.

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dialing a phone number Wednesday 08/21/19 6% of married people met their spouse here.

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