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If things were intimate before then now it's on another level. I asked her on a date for Valentines day and she told me no.

She already made plans with one of her friends to have an "anti-valentines" sort of thing. I get her wanted to spend time with her friend as they have been close for a very long time, but why is she having "anti-valentines" when she is dating me? I just feel like I have been putting a lot into this relationship with her and yet I have no date for Valentines day.

I know it's just another day and a manufactured holiday and what not...

but being alone when I am supposed to be dating this girl well sucks.

All the V-day shit will be on sale the next day anyway right? We have been talking and doing things together for a couple of months, but it really doesn't feel like it's "official" if you know what I mean.

I can't call her my girlfriend and we most certainly are not "just" friends.

I am having a lot of mixed emotions on this issue and lack a lot of experience in relationships.

So with all of that said I really don't know where we stand.

I asked her about it a few weeks ago and she mentioned that at first she just wanted something light/fun, but agreed things with us were getting more serious.

I have been talking to a girl since November, lets call her Jane.

So since November Jane and I have talked/communicated almost every day.

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