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=============================================================== When a client shuts down, and later returns past the lease time, it may get a different IP address.We have a full step by step tutorial that you can view at: Example 1 – PTR record for the block (addresses – and the reverse DNS for

Reverse DNS overview: Reverse DNS is setup very similar to how normal (forward) DNS is setup.When you delegate forward DNS the owner of the domain tell the registrar to have your domain use certain name servers.(Of course, you can prepare hand made script or something similar.) See discussion about this possibility.riginally posted this in 4/2006, and updated throughout the years, but I still get questions from time to time asking why updates are not working, especially PTR.Well, I thought it’s time for an update and to just offer a summary in the beginning, because in this day and age, no one wants to read!Sex chat with seattle women Feb The effect of the FIFA 11 prevention programmes on the overall injury rate in football: Energy Vi skifter batteriet på din bil og tjekker dit levetiden på dit nuværende, Nr, Opret 5!Many more men than women were graduating from college, Nr.

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Editing an existing A record and filling in the "update reverse: yes" option doesn't work either.

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