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A fair number of HTC One M8 owners have reported an error message that occasionally displays on their phone that the SIM card has not been detected properly.This error often pops up at random and has been known to arise multiple times over the course of use with no real rhyme or reason.Potential solutions: Your One M8 battery life is going to gradually decline, but some owners have found a rapid drain bug rearing its ugly head after updating the phone software. Potential solutions: A few people are getting fed up because instead of vibrating a couple of times when a new notification comes in, like it used to, their One M8 is vibrating repeatedly unless they actually clear the notification.This problem is affecting people after upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop and luckily it’s really easy to fix.When they play music it continues to come out of the speakers and the headphone icon doesn’t appear on screen.

This seems to be an issue even if the volume is turned up to maximum.Solution: A number of people have found that the LED isn’t working on their new HTC One M8.It’s supposed to flash for notifications, such as a new email or a text message.Possible Solutions: Outside of the complaints about the quality of photos captured by the HTC One M8 — sorry, not much we can do about that one — there have been reports of the camera crashing during use in portrait mode.Some users have even reported that there are no issues with the camera in landscape, but changing orientations causes the HTC camera app to crash.

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