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The effort was spear-headed by then Secretary of State James Baker and culminated in the 1991 Madrid peace conference.

These and other events such as the Oslo Accords (September, 13, 1993) give hope to Free Palestine and help to solidify relationships among Israelis, the surrounding Arab states and the representatives of the Palestinians living on the West Bank.

“I believe them.”Next, the archaeologists determined the jawbone’s age by performing three dating techniques in Australia, France and Israel.“The dating had to be rock solid,” said Rolf M.

Quam, an anthropologist at Binghamton University in New York and an author of the paper.

“It is really modern human.”“It looks like they’ve done a really thorough study of the morphology of the maxilla and determined it’s not a Neanderthal,” said Melanie L.

Chang, an anthropologist from Portland State University who was not involved in the study.

It is possible that the jawbone belonged to a previously unknown population of Homo sapiens that departed Africa and then died off.

If so, that would mean that at least some modern humans migrated from Africa far earlier than previously thought.

Indeed, early humans may have made multiple journeys through the Levant corridor.“We are now realizing that it was not one big exodus out of Africa in a given time period,” said Dr.

“It looked so modern that it took us five years to convince people, because they couldn’t believe their eyes,” said Dr. One of the first stops was Austria, home to a virtual paleontology lab run by Gerhard W.

Weber, a paleoanthropologist at the University of Vienna.

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