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Soon after, Shallow Hal begins to have extraordinary success with women--not least with a nurse and ex-Peace Corps volunteer named Rosemary, who looks exactly like Gwyneth Paltrow because that's the way Hal's mind is working these days.

The movie plays with point-of-view shots to show us that Rosemary actually weighs about 300 pounds, but to Hal, she's slender and--well, Gwyneth Paltrow.

This would also be funny; we could see her as fat but he couldn't.There is a sense that they're not simply laughing at their targets, but sometimes with them, or in sympathy with them."Shallow Hal" has what look like fat jokes, as when a chair collapses under Rosemary, but the punchline is tilted toward empathy.It contains characters to test us, especially Walt (Rene Kirby), who has spina bifida and an essentially immobile lower body.Kirby doesn't use a chair or braces, but lopes around on all fours, and is an expert skier, horseman, bicyclist and acrobat.

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