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Whether you agree with Mandel's opinions or not, Christopher Walsh breaks down a century of college football by classifying programs as perennial powers, contenders, and former greats, while also delving into such hot-button topics as determining the greatest program in college football history and discussing a number of disputed titles.

Walsh's book, thus, provides readers with a slightly less impartial, and thus slightly more interesting, account of college football history.chronicles the game of college football in a much broader context.

The result of more than 17 years of extensive research by Noel, one of the most prominent historians of college football, this volume is replete with stories, interviews, statistics and everything in between from the game's infancy, when it grew from a strange offshoot of rugby into a national pastime.

For those interested in how the game of football came to be from Walter Camp and into the Great Depression, this book is an absolute gem., John M.

While Red Grange did much as an individual to boost the profile of football, the Notre Dame football program, perhaps more than any other, is responsible for inscribing the college game into the American psyche.

takes readers on a journey through the makings and machinations that led to the state of contemporary college football.

Authored by Michael Oriard, who played at Notre Dame in the 1960s, this book takes a keen look at issues that have impacted the game over the years, from the treatment of "student-athletes" to the lowering of admissions standards, from college football as down-home and pastoral to college football as big business..

Chad Gibbs, a man known much more for his comedy exploits than his love of football, provides a humorous take on college football in the South as something akin to idolatry, with fans packing stadiums every Saturday like mega-churches to worship their favorite players and coaches.

Definitely a worthwhile read for any football fanatic with a sense of humor. Between the stunning photographs, Scott beautifully documents the rich history and tradition of the Southeastern Conference, decade by decade, program by program, in a way that goes far beyond your average coffee-table book.

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