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You’ve started a greater quest to delve deeper into Europe’s concealment of our history and to shed more light on how the global world exists in its current state. Darkwah points to the story of Jacob in Genesis -29, where the angel renames Jacob calling him Asrae or the European version, Israel. Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned more than any other countries in the Bible. The covenant involved certain obligations on the part of the people and promised certain things on the part of God.Asrae, Darkwah declares, is not the name of a nation, but instead means “the first one who visited.” According to Darkwah, if you as a Christian question the Bible, you were led by your pastor to believe that you were blaspheming God. European Jews believe this covenant is still in effect today—Jews are still a “chosen people.” It may also answer the question why the Jews have been classified White, even with their kinky-bushy hair, swarthy skin, and broadened noses.It is the untold story of the people from these African tribes that left Ancient Egypt for it to become the biblical Exodus.It is about the untold story of these people that later went to Europe to become the Jews and Hebrews.Along with Cheikh Anta Diop, Alex Darkwah also traces Ancient Egypt to geographical Africa.Darkwah has DNA on his side; whereas, Diop used archeological artifacts, culture, and documentary text but was still challenged with his findings which were labeled “untrue” by the scientific world. LAND OF THE BLACKS–LAND OF THE BIBLE: Ancient Egypt was known indigenously as Kemet (Land of the Blacks).They do not have the linguistic and cultural backgrounds to identify Egyptian names and have simply transposed the African names of people and places in Ancient Egyptian history into European languages to make it possible for them to claim expertise.Darkwah traces the ancient past of African tribes from the Middle East through Ancient Egypt to inner Africa.

They carry the names of their ancestors who were Africans.

The modern dynasty of these ancient kings is the Akuapem Dynasty that can be found today in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Conservatives, liberals, and all in between can go to check these people out and verify the royal names among these people.

Did you know that the earliest “Hebrew” name for God, Adonai, was derived from an African tribal word?

Did you know that other name of God, Yahweh, was derived from an African tribal God? Did you know that the names of the authors of the Old Testament are not “Hebrew” or “Jewish” names, but transposed African tribal names?

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We also know that his two sons completed the procession of pyramids and placed a lion in the front of the procession.

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