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Later he writes, Job argues from his personal conviction of his innocence which refused to be coerced by deductions from an application of traditional wisdom.

Yet his own experience also fails to penetrate the darkness (Ibid.).

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Date of Composition: Possibly during the time of the Patriarchs (Second Millennium B. The lifestyle and longevity of Job are similar to that of the patriarchs found in Genesis e. The literary genre of Job (below) matches that of the patriarchal era g. If a man of such high reputation could suffer so devastating a misfortune, their own security was imperiled by the possibility that the same thing could happen to themselves.

The moving bands of Sabaeans and Chaldeans (Job , 17) matches the early second millennium B. Their basic motive in attempting to elicit from Job a confession of sin was to establish their own sense of security.

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If in point of fact Job had been guilty of some grievous sin of which they public had not knowledge, his overwhelming disaster could be easily understood as the retribution of the righteous god. Childs writes, The primary effect of the concluded dialogue is to register the failure of human wisdom in its ability to penetrate into the mystery of human suffering (Brevard S.

Failing to secure from him any such confession despite all their diligent efforts to compel from him an admission of guilt, they felt unable to return home relieved and reassured that calamity would be kept from their door if they only lived a good life (Gleason L. Childs, Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture, 536).

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