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Here are some pictures / photos of her now husband.

According to the media, she and her husband had a very small wedding in Hawaii where they invited only their family members and a small group of their friends.

I think she has a cute butt and a very attractive face - along with gorgeous hair I wish I had!

Of the four, different versions of the same story, I liked the first season best, and I liked the cast best as well ~ (Uchiyama Haruhiko / Uchi) portrayed loverboy with a secret affinity for his single and struggling okaasan.

And, it was awesome that they let HIM be the dude who actually gets the girl of his dreams, too.

In seasons 1, 2, and 3, along with the movie, Yankumi was forced to have to show her fidelity toward and honest concern for the boys by helping out whenever they got into trouble with rival gangs or bad adults in order for her to gain their trust.

She is scheduled to deliver a baby by the end of this year.

Currently she works in Japan for one to two weeks and goes back to Hawaii for the rest of the month to be with her family every month.

In the third season, the same character is portrayed by as Kazama Ren, the boy with looks and brains but no voice who worries that his older sister may have lost out on a chance at marriage because of him.

Season 3's cast members weren't bad, and like all 3, the two leads were really attractive, so it's hard to say which season had the best eye candy.

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I mean, I ended up spending an entire WEEKEND hooked on this sh*t, and I even tolerated constant buffering and shut-downs at in order to watch every, single episode from 1 through 3, including the special episode for season 1, the television special for season 2, and finally the movie that concluded the series once and for all.

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