Kangana ranaut dating history

Kangana Ranaut drops truth bombs quite casually, she doesn't bother with setting the stage or halting for a pregnant pause.

Her ruthless honesty is finally turning the tide in her favour .

She is, she says, a “product of many coincidences, incidents and excellence“.

Basking in the triumph of her double role in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, she tells KALPANA NAIR that the film was a risky choice, what she has learnt by not working with the Khans and how she ranks her own performances Tanu Weds Manu Returns (TWMR) has grossed the highest opening weekend figure for 2015. Yes, it was a big risk because it is not a gim micky film.

It's definitely the safer and more practical way of gaining acting cred.

But it takes a special kind of appetite for risk to do a supporting role in Krrish 3 and then go into a trifecta of risky films whose success hinges almost entirely on your shoulders like Rajjo, Queen and Revolver Rani.

In an industry where the Khan stranglehold has now held for over two decades, that is quite a feat.

But that doesn't seem to be a consideration for Ranaut, whose next is Katti Batti with Imran Khan who is currently battling a reputation as box office kryptonite.Also, I came to the industry as this person who has nothing to lose so I have been relatively fearless.I also got really excited about the process of acting, making a career out of it, buying a house with my earnings, taking care of people. If a woman betrays her lover, falls in love with another man, kills him and then commits suicide but the audience still felt for her, then it means that the actor has done a brilliant job.The last time a mainstream actress in Bollywood pulled off a central double role successfully was Kajol in Dushman (1998) and Sridevi in Chaalbaaz (1989). If you assign two different body lan guages to both the characters, you can pull it off. You re ally need go deep into the character's upbringing, experiences, future plans and ideology .Not many actors stress on the body language of their characters but it can help you create two different personalities and help the audience give into the illusion of two different people.

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1 I GET YOUR BREAK BY HAVING A RELATIVE I IIN BOLLYWOODBEING A SUCCESSFULI IMODEL IWINNING A BEAUTY PAGEANT Unlike Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma who were successfully modelling when they got their break or Priyanka Chopra who won Miss World or Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt who are industry kids, Ranaut worked her way into Gangster without a family reservoir of connections and experience or a parallel thriving career.

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