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If you’ve been keeping up with our little site you may have noticed an article that came out recently by Redpole Q titled, 7 Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too.

Now let me just say right-off-the-bat that Redpole Q is usually dead-right with his perspective but I can’t help but think that he used complaints about Korea to suggest Korean women weren’t as golden as many a man has found them to be. Korean women have a sexual charge that I just haven’t seen anywhere else in Asia – they present themselves very, very well. Of course we are – we also love it when girls use those looks well.

So if she's not showing up at the dates it's because her friends and family have reminded her of her "duties" - making dating Korean girls difficult.

Having just gotten back from Japan, I can definitely see where Redpole Q’s characterization of Japanese girls hits its mark dead-center but, as good as Japanese women are, Korean women have some distinct advantages. Korean women have a desire to please that just isn’t matched in the West.Local guys (like local women) have obligations too and envy expats because they don't.They're insecure because expats are a variable they can't control.Not only that but in the hierarchy of things they subconsciously see 'Western men' as being slotted above them.Personally I think this is stupid but I didn't make up the society or their points of view. That being said you'll have a hard time without it being your fault because of their strict society. In fact you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that Korea is changing to becoming more open-minded.

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