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Jay tells about the time Steve-o cooked him a vegan meal and the first time he met Louis CK, camper calls in about opening for Pauly Shore who was a total douche, Mike Finoia in studio, Pauly Shore showtime documentary, Jolly Cat's Waddle like a duck drives Dan INSANE, comparing Jolly Cat to Chet Haze and Felddog, camper donated to Felddog's indie gogo for his album, Artie Lang in studio to chat about Sumner Redstone, owner of viacom, and his 94 year old sex life.

fat Axle Rose, Marilyn Manson isn't cool anymore, the team gives their thoughts on Batman vs Superman, 90s sitcom theme songs, the team discusses Kevin Brennan shittin on Lo S for not interviewing him properly, Nick Nolte voices, the team plans a Bonfire spa day, the guys plan to go over to O&A where Kevin Brennan is guesting to play a prank but some loser called O&A and ratted them out, Dan reviews Wrestlemania, Janessa drops through the episode.

The guys recap the call from Brad, camper Jake aka Cousin Cletus calls in with stories of working for the ICP and having to change from spraying the audience with regular to diet Faygo because the sugar destroys the sets, campers call in with acronyms for BRAD.

Hot chick hecklers, Dan's tells how it ended with the British rapper, DJ Lou's edited versions of the guys shitty song lyrics (razor in the shower, forgot your friends names, sorry I forgot your Greek yogurt, I wanna go on vacation by myself, I need my shirts), Daniel Cooksey's roles including his character being kidnapped on Diff'rent Strokes ("I will kill your parents, Sam" drop), Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes? Sleeping with older women, Jay describes a night that was supposed to be he and Carla's first time, DJ Lou plays David Gray instead of Marilyn Manson, camper Lizette from Indiana calls in with a story of banging her son's friend, stumbling on nudes of people's parents, comedian Chris Di Stefano in studio tells his story of banging a friends mom, camper Jason calls in with a story of going into the army with his best friend since the age of 5, the friend was killed overseas, and in their grief the guys mom seduced him!

The boys sing along to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

Mike Vecchione in studio, stories of living with Joe De Rosa, the guys enjoy wearing their new ghillie suits, game of What's on in the Background while Justin and Sarah are fucking (Little Shop of Horrors), Rachel Feinstein joins in with stories of humping a friend as a child.

The guys trash Styx, Dan recounts selling his white Dodge Stratus to a Hispanic family, the scene from Pet Semetary when baby Gage gets hit by a transport truck, the guys watch fights from Total Recall, Jacob tries to get Jay Kendrick Lamar tickets, the guys describe the color of their dicks, Jay shows Vanilla Dan gross things happening in porn, Dan describes his Jameson & Budweiser routine from his drinking days, the guys recount their mushroom trip at Bonnaroo.

Live and new all week for the New York Comedy Festival!

The war with Entertainment Weekly continues with a broken mic, Jacob does pushups for Deb, Jay impresses Deb with his golf knowledge, camper Phillip in Vancouver calls in to tell about a guy named Gary from Aurora CO that bought a motel strictly for voyeurism, stories of visitng the Comic Strip in Edmonton, AB.

Pete Holmes' ad for acc-a-gone, the accent eliminating spray, Yanni interview, John Tesh impressions, 80s sitcoms Empty Nest, Gimme a Break and Blossom, Joey Lawrence, Scott Baio, conspiracy theories, the world is flat and the moon is a hologram, Jay and Dan each choose their ultimate woman (Jay-young Pam Anderson, Dan-Desperado Salma Hayek), video where kid fights 2 homeless guys and loses both times.

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Chris Hardwick rivalry, crazy chick from Rock of Love who stabbed someone on Ship Mates, guy who got stabbed on Cheaters, sports stars who've recorded rap songs, Vinnie from Jersey Shore on Live at Gotham Jay is in LA and Dan is in NYC.

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