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This "uniform" fully embodies the inner world of the man who destroyed his most beautiful years. Previously, it was Alain Delon, Jean Marais, Vyacheslav Tikhonov... They have massively destroyed entire classes of the population, mainly men.A man is created to generate new ideas, invent and create... Or boring in jeans, or in office plankton, radiating with aggressive good will - clean and neat, in pink shirts. The men who are now missing are potential children and grandchildren of those who were killed at that time.Men are depressed, often die young and do not want to get married.This is the conclusion reached by British journalist Damien Mc Guinness of BBC News, who conducted a study on why Latvian women cannot find a suitable husband."Only among 5 of my girlfriends, I notice that the five are efficient, kind, intelligent, hardworking, successful, loving cooking and they have their own living space, they are women between 25 and 40 years old.Some have children, others do not, but they really want them.

On the other hand, strangely enough, among my clients, there were many guys who couldn't get married. I've seen enough movies in which everything ends in a happy marriage.Stronger sex workers are more likely to die in car accidents, die of alcoholism, and become victims of accidents in the workplace. And the suicide rate in Latvia in 2008 jumped by 16% - this is the EU record.The first marriage after 40 years is a miracle of the cure with the help of Borzhomi, when the kidneys refused to function, says psychologist and gestalt therapist Irena Goluba: - Recently, I spoke with a photographer who works in kindergartens.The journalist supported his conclusions with sad statistics, as well as with the testimonies of two unmarried Latvian girls aged 29 who are experts in the field.It is a fact that girls in Latvia are not interested in communicating with local guys: they are less educated, not energetic, but too spoiled by women's attention, and do not even like it.

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