Laws against teachers dating parents

Parents/guardians have a responsibility to work with the adults in their child’s life (teachers, school principals, coaches, and group leaders) so that together, they can teach students that bullying is wrong and unacceptable.

Schools, school boards, parents, teachers, and ministries are all responsible for creating safe and inclusive environments where everyone is treated with respect.

This section contains user-friendly summaries of Mississippi laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Mississippi's official online statutes.When notifying a parent of a student who has engaged in a bullying or cyberbullying activity, the principal shall not disclose the name or other personal information about a student who has been harmed as a result of the activity. Children watch what their parents do very closely, and are influenced by your actions as well as your words.If your children see you communicating respectfully and remaining constructive in the face of disagreements with others, they are more likely to behave the same way.The law pertains to all incidents of bullying and cyberbullying that affect the school’s learning climate, whether on or off school property, face-to-face or electronic.For more details on cyberbullying legislation, including federal legislation, please visit: Legal Consequences of Cyberbullying (Ontario), private schools in Ontario are considered distinct from other schools and operate as businesses or non-profit organizations independently of the Ministry of Education.

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The bullying occurs in a relationship where there is a real or perceived power imbalance based on factors such as size; disability; sexual orientation; gender identity; sexuality; race/ethnicity/religion; or other issues.

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