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The internet and health magazines especially are full of these “lists” that appear to be expert recommendations on things to avoid or use, like “10 foods to avoid” or “top 10 superfoods.” Rather than take a list at face value, however, it’s important that we all ask some basic questions about the quality of information that goes into the lists; whether they’re kept up-to-date; and whether they’re actually being interpreted and used properly.

In 2016 United Nations Environment (UNE) commissioned the International Panel on Chemical Pollution (IPCP) to research and identify every “list of EDCs” that had been published to date.

Some might believe that the absence of a chemical from such lists is evidence that a chemical is safe, when in reality that substance may not have been assessed.

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Of course, not all chemical lists are explained with such care and clarity of purpose.

Chemical lists can be created by politicians in legislation without a scientific basis at all.

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Hazard-only approaches do not consider real-world exposure scenarios and factors like potency.

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