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My first POF account actually got deleted after I was reported for being fake.No questions asked (they could have at least asked me to verify my identity...ridiculous, but still). I didn't know that being in shape or looking 'too young' for your age was a bad thing, but apparently it is now (on the internet anyway), because it means you're a shady character. No point wasting my time I did see this profile before I logged out which made me laugh She was below 5 foot so basically a midget and had a menial job in a care home and and she couldn't spell The best bit of the profile Looking for my genuine guy Blue eyes are my 100% dream but if your (sic) personality is 10/10 then eye colour doesn't matter ( how gracious of her) Personalty (sic) Tanned Must have hair A few tats Nice teeth Looks after themselves This from a 4 foot munchkin who has the brain capacity of a turnip and is quite happy to toss a guy aside if his eyes aren't the right colour. No I'm sorry I'm not interested as you don't have the right colour eyes.

first profile I randomly clicked on was a woman who was pregnant with a horrible attitude. Free is too much to pay I WAS on here about 4 years ago and I left because it was awful.

Thankfully I didn't invest any real time or energy into it, but a lot of women do and get abused in the process. in order to 'find the best matches' for you. How does anyone get past the initial questionnaire? " data-username="Persinette  M." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Persinette M." data-details="Photo uploaded on 6/17/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/pof.com#photo_115213" data-browse-link="/photos/pof.com" data-browse-text="Browse all POF photos" Tip for consumers: While I did appreciate the ability to communicate freely without a paywall, the seedy guys weren't worth my time (outside of being good for a laugh/experimenting with). Many of which are prostitutes and escort agencies posing as regular women.

It's blatant data collection (there's the real shadiness - they need to harvest all the data they can for the AI overlords...nefarious aims much? If you ever watch the TV station Investigative Discovery, people have been killed from using this horrific site.

The lists of what you must face to qualify has gotten longer as has the demands such as MAKE ME LAUGH or ONLY SAY HI AND YOU' LL BE DELETED.

I swear within 10 minutes of browsing I saw tons women on POF from my last time in 2015 with the exact same photos as then.

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dog ears and nose, obstructing their faces completely!

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