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Now that I'm starting Uni in a couple of days it would be so nice to find her, the girl who wants to talk about her day with as much passion and drive as I will tell about mine! All things considered, intelligence and drive are really attractive, don't really care what you do, or driven about... Check out our extensive style section to start feeling more confident in how you dress.Another indirect way to decrease your social anxiety is to build your confidence through your mastery of some subject or skill. Though, I might secretly heave a few times before we meet in person. (That should have probably been in the prior paragraph, but oh well.)I have my life together (own place, career, I pay my bills, etc.), but that's the extent of how well I do adult life. I don't shy away from voice calls and things like that, either. Because I'm terrible at being an 'in-person' person.Strengthening your overall resilience will give you the mental toolbox you need to bounce back more quickly from setbacks – whether social or otherwise.

please keep it up as we don't always see every thread, but we sure don't allow these people to come to this sub and prey on the lonely and vulnerable. Hey there, So, another day passed, another day without THAT person in my life.

I'd still like to hold out hope that my does exist.

I'd like to think that doesn't make me unlovable, though.

Doing something you are passionate is always just nice to hear about.

For me that is Aviation, I'm starting my bachelor program this week and I'm excited about it, learning how to do something that hopefully helps others in their travels, wherever that may be is just really cool! I'm Matt, 22 years old and from the Netherlands.

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