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You’ll need to submit an application that documents your loan balance(s), employment, and financial accounts.

The bank will do a credit check (although some student loan refi lenders are forgiving of poor credit scores if your finances are in otherwise excellent shape).

Student loan refinancing makes sense if you have: There are a few situations in which student loan refinancing might not make sense.

If you’re already having difficulty making your student loan payments, there’s a good chance that will not qualify for a student loan refinancing.

Credible works several different banks to offer student loan refinancing: Credible will then show you the interest rates and monthly payments you are qualified for from several different banks.

It’s free to get these quotes, there’s no obligation, and it does not affect your credit score.

Applying for student loan refinancing is like applying for any loan or line of credit.

Student loan refinancing consolidates all of your federal and private student loans into one monthly payment.

Refinancing consolidates all of your individual student loans, with different servicers and due dates, into one easy-to-manage loan.

Next, Credible allows you to fill out one application for several lenders.

When you choose the lender with the best offer to refinance your students loans, you then only have to complete the one full application and credit check.

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