Ludwig serial number dating guides

m I'd seen that page before and I wonder how accurate it is regarding the B/O badges.

I've owned a lot of Luddys from this era and the pointy badges seem to be the more scarce ones.

Using a simple formula, we have estimated, to the nearest thousand, the average count of serial numbers used for each individual year between 19.

For those of you who enjoy mathematics, the formula is: 800,000 (the approximate aggregate of serial numbers used 1964 through 1969 based on our serial number index), divided by six (the quantity of years spanning 1964 through 1969), equals 133,000 (the average yearly increase in the serial number progression).

Then the shells were drilled and hardware, heads and badges were installed in final assembly. “The shells were made in advance of the orders coming in.

I'm trying do determine exactly when my vista lite kit was built... I've seen a few charts, but they're not too accurate.

It's best to look for other clues as to the age of the drums.

We didn’t pay any attention to the date stamps and if a shell wasn’t needed to fill an order, it stayed on the shelf for days, weeks or months, sometimes years.

Due to the time lapse between when a shell was date stamped and when the badge was installed, some of the drums assembled on the same day with closely matching serial numbers had date stamps that were months apart from one another It also meant that some of the drums with production date stamps close to one another, would have badges with serial numbers that were tens of thousands of digits apart.

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