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Neil awakes on the train, Pandora's there and at the stop where his mates are to pick him up, the train doesn't stop.

Neil and Pandora walk around one of Northern England's premier seaside towns as he frets over the utter chaos his marriage day has turned out to be and tries to get back.

Donna did not know anything about the daughter’s intentions.

She invited to the wedding of Sophie her friends, with whom previously played in the same music band.

The significant thing about this episode is that Frasier breaks up with a woman and she's not howling with irrational rage.

This is potentially one of my favorite Frasier episodes.

Not only is there some wonderful wordplay and 'reveal' situations, but it also has Rita Wilson (never seen her miss in a role yet).

It was nice to see a break up where Frasier's not grovelling and apologizing for a simple misunderstanding, and the woman was rational enough to understand that things just weren't going to work out and they part amicably.

co-stars split in 2010 after around two years of dating, but the 28-year-old actress thinks they were just too different to stay together for long.

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