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If you do happen to meet someone while you're on your quest for that perfect cocktail and seat at the bar, that's just lovely.

But no matter how sexy or edgy this person may be, don't leave this meeting hoping that he or she is your next beau.

After spending several weeks giving zero f*cks, we feel like it has actually improved our dating prospects. It seems that giving zero f*cks actually makes you a better, more attractive version of yourself to potentials because you no longer place extravagant expectations on the dating scene and your next potential date.

You don't feel the need to force anything, and you don't remotely smell of desperation.

I've noticed a few different arguments about this online because of different 'movements' (or whichever word you want to use) like Red Pill and MGTOW.

Also, increasingly I've heard about the influence of porn in modern relationships and how some men prefer it.

In these nations, it is actually becoming a problem because the country needs enough babies to be born to support the retired population.When part of the population refuses to marry and have children, it becomes a practical problem.In the United States, we don’t really have that problem.In some cases, guys are anti-feminist and just hate women.In other cases, they went through a bad break up and just don’t want to put their heart out there again.

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