Most intimidating pitchers

Flugin, a sandlot third baseman, started his son at the same position.Ewell was a scrawny boy, standing only five-foot-five at age 13.Ewell signed for a 0 bonus, plus an additional 0 if he stuck until mid-season.

The family, which included two daughters, moved to San Dimas, where Flugin worked as a cleaner and dyer and later went into real estate sales.After he shot up to six-three he preferred basketball to baseball.Bonita High School’s coach, noticing that Ewell threw harder than anyone else on the team, made him a pitcher. And he didn’t mind hitting you; he said, “I was a mean pitcher.”1 Blackwell’s short career foundered on Murphy’s Law: Everything that could go wrong did. Ewell Blackwell was “The Whip,” a long, lanky sidearming right-hander who threw a heavy sinking fastball that just might bore a hole in you if it hit you.

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