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If you choose, we will post the service time and place on our website to help notify your family and friends in the community as well as provide you with a link to webpage that you can easily email to friends and loved ones.Most often a Rabbi or a Cantor will officiate the funeral, supported by one of our Mount Sinai Service Directors who will oversee all logistics of the service so you do not have to be burdened with all of the details.Another tradition is for each mourner to plant the shovel back in the mound of earth rather than hand the shovel to the next person.Other families request that the Mount Sinai staff complete this act.We are here to assist you in the manner that makes you most comfortable.”.During this period meals are usually brought in for the family to allow them to focus on mourning.We often hear from our client families and service attendees who are not familiar with many of the Jewish funeral customs performed by Mount Sinai.If you have additional questions about Jewish funeral customs for which you would like to know the answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To ease this process, Mount Sinai has developed the Mount Sinai Memorial Record and Guide which is incorporated as part of our Advance Planning Portfolio, which is available free by request.

The casket can be stained or unstained, polished or unpolished, and can be of various shapes.

However, for families who would like to consider other materials for caskets, please inform your Memorial Counselor and we are happy to show you additional options.

, simple white shrouds, as burial garments as a traditional Jewish funeral custom.

Over time, the use of burial garments has been expanded to allow for the deceased to be buried in the clothing of the family’s choice.

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No nails, screws, or metal hardware can be in its workmanship.

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