Muddy fields dating should black men be shot for dating white women

I’ll make him throw some extra clothes in his soccer bag along with some more socks. I’ll throw some big trash bags in the back of the car for all our wet, muddy stuff. Okay, got my layers on, rain jacket, rain boots, winter jacket, gloves, hat, umbrella, coffee, water, snacks, directions to the game, and my chair all packed and ready to go.

I wish there were healthier fast food chains that were affordable. And hey, it would just get dirty again anyway, so I’ll take a win for saving money and time on laundry. Committing all this time to being there warrants me seeing my kid out on the field.

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I better check and make sure I have a few umbrellas in the back of the car.

Maybe I’ll stop somewhere right before we get to the field, just in case. I probably shouldn’t drink my coffee, but who am I kidding? I hate muddy fields, muddy shoes, muddy uniforms, muddy everything.

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