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His crush on the band's bassist Rosalina, inspired his love songs.In the second season, Nat and Rosalina went to the prom together, then on a double date, and in the finale TV movie of the season called Polar Bears, Nat and Rosalina finally became a couple.The television movie special concludes with a cliff hanger.It ends just as Nat and Kristina start to bond, The band gets a call from Rosalina claiming that she wants to be back in the band.In the show, he is in love with Jesse and considers her to be his girlfriend, but Jesse calls him, "my little boyfriend" and Alex always disapproves of her dating other men including the Timmerman Brothers.Alex's Share Tv Profile Allie Di Meco starred as Rosalina, and was the former bassist for the band, and then played guitar with Qaasim.Nat Wolff starred as himself, and was the lead singer-songwriter and keyboardist for the band.

Nat's Share Tv Profile Alex Wolff starred as himself, and was the drummer for the band.But Cooper has other plans for Nat and convinces him to appear on "Pick-A-Teen Date," as one of the teen celebrities attempting to win a Valentine's Day dream date with Victoria Justice.When Rosalina arrives in town for a surprise visit, Nat has some serious explaining to do.Soon Nat realizes that he doesn't want to go through the breakup alone and they all have a group hug and sing at their house.Rosalina then tells Michel that she is too good for him and leaves to go over to the Wolff's house.

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on the part documentary and part rock-mockumentary musical comedy series which was created by Polly Draper. The premise of Naked Idol is that The Naked Brothers Band have a Naked Idol contest for a new bassist replacing Rosalina (Allie Di Meco).

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