Nds sprung the dating game cool

The goal is obviously to hook up with either Becky if you play as Brett or Brett if you play as Becky.

You are given some choices through the game though and those choices do play a part in how your relationships develop.

Erica has a crush on Brett but is too shy to tell him, while Becky’s friend Kiki is often referred to as a skank. Sprung is a type of story game, or dating simulator rather, where you get to socialize and hang out with friends.As you play the game you’ll be able to reach certain secret goals – improving your relationship with a specific character, or completing a specific chapter for example.These achievements will be rewarded with various unlockable items in the gallery mode of the game.You’ll be introduced to new characters at a steady pace and you’ll get plenty of chances to get to know them all.In fact, each character is very stereotypical in some way, so their personalities aren’t exactly very original – you’ll recognize the type the moment you see it.

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