Nod32 not updating server

You can directly chat with the support representative and they will fix the issue for you.

Anyone else noticing that their NOD32 PCs are not updating?

The server hasn't been updating its virus signature database in the last few days, and upon trying to do a manual update, I get the following error message: "Base file missing".

Here is a screenshot of the error: I've tried to find a solution for this problem on the ESET website, as well as on Google, but this hasn't been successful. I still couldn't find out what was causing this problem, but upon advice from ESET support, I re-installed ESET NOD32 and cleared the Update Cache.

Check if the username and password that is entered are current and correct.

Does device have an internet connection, because without a steady internet connection updation of Eset is not possible. If the connection is failed, click: Start — Administrative Tools — Services — ESET Remote Administrator Server 4. Tick: Clear cache and click “Update now” When you install and activate Eset on your computer it makes sure that your device is protected round the clock.

Los usuarios no pueden generar nuevos instaladores o ejecutar tareas de instalación desde el repositorio.

People I know who also have the "cracked" v2.7 are also experiencing problems of updating and even after the 10MB update they are still having trouble getting auto updates and manual updates are just as hard to get as the 10MB one.

My PCs are stuck on 3301 and new PCs im deploying are stuck on 3230. Apparently its due to the load on the update servers but im not so sure. Well it's been a long time coming, but this morning I was able to update the definitions to v3318 20080801 on both PC's, one PC was via u23 and the 2nd one via u41 but both still took a lot of clicking on the "Update Now" button to force the update and both PC's had been running O/N. I been testing with it and i've noticed that the nodfix "crack" is no longer working IMO. as if u run nod32 view, the only servers that have the updates hosted is: the nodfix reg entry doesn't list this server.....if you look at t6he update it starts off at: then it quickly changes to one of the other servers that nodfix lists.

Hang in there fella's "it won't happen overnight but it will happen" according to Rachel Hunter :-) i found an app called nod32 view. if you point nod32 to that server manually it will not update.

Hi all, I am having issues activating ESET Endpoint Security on select computers on my network.

It's a medium sized network (150-200 clients) and I just recently pushed an update to the latest version of ESET.

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