Nudist area near campbelltown

While Bondi may be Australia's best known (and therefore over-populated) beach, it still has its charms and shouldn't be left entirely to the mercy of tourists.

North Bondi in particular is the best place to swim and if you go mid-week you'll be able to appreciate Bondi for all it's really worth — and potentially chat-up an English backpacker.

The friendly old-fashioned kiosk was shut down a few years ago and replaced by fancy restaurants to suit the billionaire locals who have their summer houses here, so make sure to bring your own sandwiches.The glamorous ranks gather here to sunbathe, and the left-hand reef break will have you contending with some of the city's best surfers and bodyboarders if you want to catch a wave.Be sure to take a break from the sun at the newly-renovated kiosk, where you can casually kick back with a fresh juice as you watch the Bondi-to-Bronte runners coast by.Bilgola is hidden away at the bottom of a hill, behind a jungle of palm trees and lantana — if you're not paying attention you'll miss it.For this reason, Bilgola is perhaps the most beautiful of the Northern Beaches, and incidentally, a bastard to get to on public transport.

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