Online dating gender ratio

Needless to say, attractive people get all the swipes.

If swipes were dollars, Tinder would be more uneven than American capitalism.

People sometimes talk about finding your soulmate, as if there’s one perfect person for everyone, we’ll all find that person and get married happily ever after.

Things don’t work out that way, for a lot of reasons.

That gender ratio improves as people get older, because men are more likely to die young.

They’re more likely to murder each other, more likely to die in accidents, and more likely to commit suicide.

Even though show business is full of attractive people, it’s rarely any of the handsome men being accused.

Actresses tend to peak before they even turn 30: To be fair, you could also look at the same data and say that Hollywood is prejudiced against young men as well as old women.

Maybe it’s just as hard for a 20 year old man to get a role as it is for a 50 year old woman.

Aziz Ansari is very funny, at times, but he’s everything that most women don’t want to date.

He’s short, he has a whiny voice, he’s Indian in a culture where white women usually prefer to date within their own race.

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