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Switches require planning and massive amounts of bargaining.The majority of the time, the doctor has to give up holidays or multiple weekends to get a specific night off.Don’t expect expensive nights out and diamonds until after residency and fellowship are completed!Once a call schedule is determined by the chief residents, it’s virtually impossible to change.Residents (second and third years) are on call every fourth night. That is unless you want to coordinate your crazy hours with those of the intern or resident.When a nurse and a doctor date, it becomes everybody’s business.After graduating from Villanova University, she became a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse.

If you date an intern or resident, you can expect cheap dates, small gifts, and a lot of nights watching movies at home.Keeping a relationship with a coworker private can be impossible. A relationship constantly under scrutiny from female coworkers can be exhausting, and most nurses don’t need the added pressure at work.It's hard enough for most people to leave work out of dinner conversations.Doctors used to marry nurses -- it was a more common practice in previous generations. Here’s a list of reasons why you may not want to either.Typically, nurses enter into relationships with first year interns or residents.

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But when both partners are in the medical profession, it's virtually impossible.

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