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For this reason, we recommend that each customer make an extensive test ride with their own motorcycle prior to purchase; in some cases, there may be motorcycle / helmet combinations that do not match each other.Also, the sound sensation of each individual is, of course, very individual. The matt surface is, in fact, more sensitive than a glossy one.So the inner shell no longer has those important absorption characteristics.There has also been much work on the development of helmets in recent years.Where can I find the production date Did the fitting change at SHOEI helmets? This is a very important requirement, the need for personal attention renders safety helmets unsuitable for sale via the Internet. The exact date of manufacturing can be found inside the helmet under the centerpad.

In Europe Shoei motorcycle helmets are distributed by our various importers.We are developing a completely new inner shell with every new model, which is tailored to the latest surveying data and the application area of the respective helmet model.We recommend that you make an intensive test ride with the helmet before purchase.Even with good care, it can not be avoided that, for example, remaining insects affect the porous structure of the surface and can’t be removed therefrom. The shell is based on AIM (glass fiber) and is usually insensitive to stickers.This is for sure the same case at mette white decoration parts on the helmet. However, we can not guarantee this, as we do not know if and which solvents are used in the stickers. The helmet surface should be cleaned after each ride with warm water and a little liquid, neutral soap.

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If this is not easily possible, please request the appropriate return form (RMA) from the dealer and then send it to us together with the helmet and proof of purchase.

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