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" /Couples must choose whether personality is more important than looks -- and those who choose looks over personality aren't celebrated here.

Still, physical attributes are frequently discussed as both a good and bad thing.

The show that puts a whole new spin on “blind-dating”. Are you open to making that connection with looks taken out of the equation?

Do you have what it takes to win someone over with just your personality and interests?

After that, they have to decide if the connection they had can overcome that person’s surprising physical appearance.

If they want to date more, they go to a balcony, on which they’ll either greet the person or watch them run away in horror.

All of this culminates in the daters actually getting to see each other in the light, but only for a moment.

She did.–it’s pretty dull, or at least the first episode will.

Maybe it’ll get more interesting or more offensive as the season progresses, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Every reality show about overweight people focuses on helping them lose weight, but this series embraces and celebrates its stars’ weight and behavior, like the way bachelor Luke talks about eating a lot because he likes food.

One woman says, amusingly, “Who wants to look at a stick?

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Besides exchanging roses for diamond promise rings, the only difference between the two series is that the bachelor and the women are overweight.

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