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He also offered what he believed the translation where, and explained how he made those conclusions.

With respect to Easter Island, the Elder's had both the Script and Oral Traditions of their history.

It did not completely agree with what they had been told of their history.

Harte So First Harte, I ask a question and it is not in Jest. Would the Aborigines of Austrailia be defined as a civilization?

So have a good evening Harte, and did you find those keys?

Ciao Originally posted by Harte Plato pretty clearly places the end of Atlantis at around 9500 BC, this predates basically every single civilization known to us.

But, I'll take the polite, informative and well spoken over the slanderous, insulting and frightened anyday.

One who is offering verbal abuse, rather than offering an explaination as to how a conclusion has been obtained is one who can not be trusted.

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