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This thesis is diametrically opposed to the opinion of many biblical scholars, who consider the veiled mentions of the war in the synoptic Apocalypse and elsewhere in the gospels as prophecies-after-the-facts and therefore as references to the war.This interpretation of the doom prophecies are the basis for dating most New Testament writings after the end of the war in 70 CE, the four gospels being the most important of them.This description, however, is worded in the apocalyptic writing style, and this combination of an unambiguous message and a subversive writing style is not the easiest one.The apocalyptic writing style was used by suppressed people to hide important information from their ruthless oppressors, in this case by the early Christians to conceal their subversive message for the Romans.

He notes that the claims based on statistical word counts, diction, and style are all over the map, pointing to the probability that their differences can be ascribed as much to differences in the preconceptions used to construct the statistical algorithms.

The author is clear in making his points and very well equipped with biblical verses to back them up.

(Actually I’m surprised at some of the connections he makes with verses from other books, tying it in beautifully with the historical account) If you’re looking for a scholarly work on the dating of the New Testament, this is a must read!

In fact Robinson’s theory stands or falls with this ‘unambiguous description’ of the destruction of the Temple and/or the fall of Jerusalem in the New Testament.

In my opinion this unambiguous description is present, reducing Robinson’s theory to futility.

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He contrasts this with the apocryphal books, with their use of the earlier destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians standing in for the recent Roman actions. That there is no reason to accept the late dates becomes increasingly clear as these preconceptions are dealt with and swept aside.

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