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I’ve been dating this guys for over 8 months now and the last 2 months he started to change, and when I ask him all these question's about the changes, he usually says I’m starting a fight, and why I feel the need to hurt him. What this silent meant exactly because I don’t know how he feels? What I'm seeing here is a common problem in relationships. You thought by just asking what you feel is a perfectly legitimate question he'd be more than happy to acknowledge your feelings and answer you honestly. Yes - when they've been in a relationship for a while.

I haven’t seen him for quite a while now and just yesterday i sent him a text, telling him that the best way is to break up, and he kept to quiet. Not that your situation is typical, it's just something that happens a lot. This happens because they become comfortable, complacent, and at some point the begin to question where they are, where things are going, and what it all means. I noticed you didn't mention HOW he changed but that might not matter much right now so please keep reading. He felt you were only out to hurt him and he pulled back to avoid the blow.

At the risk of sounding like the narration of a wildlife documentary, approaching women out in their natural habitat should be done with both extreme care and a little caution.

Go in with too much noise and fervor, and you could find your prey scuttling away unexpectedly and without warning.

about every little thing that by now she knows is magic.

Along with your disappearing into the throng of faceless menfolk, you’ll also seem singularly focused, after just one thing, impressed only with the physical.

He'll pull back and think about how to solve the problem.

You made him feel something (bad) and now he needs time to think about it. Now that you understand WHY he went quiet and pulled away you can begin to learn how to communicate with him differently so it's far less likely to happen again.

In the before stages, try and make sure you’ve at least engaged with them a little; if you’ve managed to catch each other’s eye, try and hold her gaze for just a moment.Number two: HOW do you communicate how your feeling to a guy without him pulling away?Again - you must consider how WHAT you say will affect him. Remember - asking a guy WHY he's changed at this point in a relationship is not much different from saying, More on how is below. As mentioned above, in any relationship COMMUNICATION is key - have I said that word enough? Read this: If you ask someone important to you, “How are you doing today? Let me tell you what happened…” You’re always stressed! You may not intend to be dismissive by reminding them how often they complain.Notice what happened to you when you wanted to just share how you felt with him. ” And they respond, “I’m really feeling stressed.” What would you typically say next? When you change the subject toward yourself, maybe you’re just trying to “relate.” But when someone tells you how they’re feeling and you either dismiss, minimize or change the subject, what you’re really doing is essentially (although unintentionally) communicating, I’m not interested in you or how you’re feeling.Ignoring Your Loved One’s Feelings Will ALWAYS Have A Negative Effect On Your Relationship. What most people want from a relationship is to be acknowledged, and more specifically, to have their feelings acknowledged.

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and what you'll get from him is complete and utter SILENCE.

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