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Because I dont want to do any validations if the user has pressed the Esc key in the new row.I dont see how did you reproduce this behaviour, I cant.Rad Grid View - current row changes even when canceling the Row Validating event. Code to reproduce: public Form1() void rad Grid View1_Row Validating(object sender, Row Validating Event Args e) Steps to reproduce: 1. Like: if i Can saw what is Happening inside of my code i will understand what type of method i'm actually using .. If you need your PHP script to redirect to a different website, you can send an HTTP header to do that.

Now a panel of SEO experts in the UK has warned that companies need to avoid putting all their SEO eggs into the one Google basket and instead embrace SEO strategic evolution in order to maintain and grow traffic. [dweb-google](/attachments/small/0/"align-right") At a round-table discussion, hosted by cloud provider UKFast, Sam Allcock, CEO of Custard Media, stated that the key to successful audience growth was …If you company is not on social media, I hate to break it to you, but you are behind.Marketing is all about chasing the consumer’s attention, and with 3.4 billion social media users around the world, it’s not hard to tell where to focus is.The Row Validating event handler of Data Grid View gets triggered even when the user is editing the "new row" and presses Esc to cancel it.How can I identify inside the Row Validating event handler that it has been triggered as a result of the user pressing the Esc key in the new row?

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