Rrd cacti not updating

Thanks, Steve On Fri, , Miguel Afonso wrote: -- Steve Ferguson | "In the beginning the Universe Email: [email protected] This has made a lot | of people very angry and been | widely regarded as a bad move." | - Douglas Adams Apparently I needed to bump the soft limit, not the hard limit.

I set soft to 4096 and hard to 16384, and just made them the defaults for all users on this system (since it has limited access). Apparently this is only used by the pam module which controls user limits. Performance is going to become an issue at some point soon, as my PIII/1.1GHz is starting to feel the effects of the production rollout.

Note that depending on the arguments of the current and previous call to update, the list may have no entries or a large number of entries.

if the third data source DST is COMPUTE, the third input value will be mapped to the fourth data source in the RRD and so on).

This is not very error resistant, as you might be sending the wrong data into an RRD.

I'd like to believe this is an OS issue, because that would be an easy fix.

But I don't see how increasing a value of 26112 is going to help, when by all indications I'm nowhere near that kernel-enforced limit. I'm going to start enabling hosts again and watching for problems. ;) --ck If you really need to open that many files you may want to check the output of the the 'ulimit -a' command for the user running catci and maybe fiddle with /etc/security/in order to allow more open files to a specific user. I see 'ulimit -n' shows a value of 1024 for the user doing the data gathering.

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