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In short, there is simply no excuse for rural men to be lonely this Valentine’s Day and, if the farmer really does want a wife, he now knows where to find one.

The Mud Lovers’ Ball is being held in Northamptonshire on 28th February and has already attracted more than 250 people from across the UK. To comment on this article, use the comment box below, or email us at [email protected]

Although I grew up in Carmarthenshire, Wales, my first foray into the rural dating world didn’t come about until I moved back at 23.

I soon realised that it was a world apart from the scene at my agricultural college, or the Jilly Cooper romance anticipated by my city-bound friends.

You are more likely to receive a reference for someone before you meet – news travels fast and anyone with a bad reputation will bear a red flag – though even if a prospective match is unknown there are other issues.

Phone signal is patchy, and dates outside of pubs and the tourist season can be very isolated.

Finding out that he binged podcasts on a wide range of subjects, and that he didn’t subscribe to rigid gender stereotypes made him a keeper.

But with this announcement comes the news that twice as many women as men are signing up to rural dating website which has prompted questions around how keen the farmers really are to find spouses.The sisters behind the match-making initiative, Emma and Lucy Reeves observe that their membership base is now made up of just over 65% women.‘We’re forever reading stories in the press about the lack of single women in rural areas and the wacky lengths to which some men have gone to attract ladies to their region’, says Lucy, ’but what we seem to be experiencing is completely the opposite, so we are often left feeling slightly bemused by these reports.’ A similar trend was spotted by the pair during events organised through the website, such as clay shoots and sailing trips.We also speak lots on phone to each other when our work keeps us both busy.In Love, Or Something Like It, our new uk series, we’re on a quest to find true love.

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