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Here, I felt, was someone the cynical British hosts, with their dismissal of sub-regal pageantry, could appreciate: Atari was no upstart striver; he was just happy to be there. “Because he said so,” Ellison said, meaning the team’s medical technician, and shrugged. My fiancée and I got engaged a couple of weeks ago.He had the pool to himself for the entirety of his last lap, and as he crawled to the finish he received a sustained ovation. “I do cardio, even though I don’t really look like it,” Ellison said. I’m wearing a promise ring.” He held up his left hand.Phelps began swimming again in the final leg, the freestyle, and nearly beat Cseh with a push in the closing metres—or so it looked to the naked eye.Lucky for Phelps, there are now electronic sensors in the walls, and the scoreboard revealed that his Gumby-like wingspan had, in fact, provided him with the first touch.

Atari never had a shot at qualifying for the evening session.By the backstroke phase, he seemed to be almost luxuriating in defeat.Had he not been indoors, you might have mistaken him for a restless sunbather. It’s really just meat and vegetables now.” Reporters dutifully jotted this down, until one of them remembered that he was talking to an archer, and asked why.The first new world record at the Games was set some twelve hours before the official parade of athletes at the Olympic Stadium (“Usain Bolt has already opened a gap on his delegation,” one of the BBC commentators said), and before the film director Danny Boyle made a spectacle of the National Health Service. “They have to turn people away.”Ellison is twenty-three, and handsome in the manner of a rugged outdoorsman, with a scruffy blond goatee. I also noticed that he had the Olympic rings tattooed on his other forearm, such that they’d be on display for the camera whenever he pulled his arrow back.Its proud owner was a “blind archer”—one with very poor vision, at any rate—from South Korea. ”I’d gone to Lord’s Cricket Ground, where the archery events were held, because I’d read a brochure suggesting that these might be “the Greatest Olympic Games in Archery’s History,” and because back in May I’d met an American contender named Brady Ellison, and he had proposed that we were in the midst of a quiet archery boom in the United States, owing to the popularity of “The Hunger Games.” “Archer shops all across the U. He grew up on a cattle ranch in Arizona and learned his specialty the way an ancient Olympian might have, by hunting elk, deer, and hogs with a bow and arrows. Heading to London, Ellison was the world’s top-ranked archer, and, in anticipation of a star turn, he said that he’d spent the past year ridding himself of certain obsessive habits.

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