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A., Yelle refuses to discuss politics in her music or interviews, so owning her album and reading her press will not necessarily make you feel smarter or more worldly. During a sailing trip, her family’s boat was hit with a typhoon and sunk in the Philippine Sea. Hey, it’s not life on the run from the Sri Lankan army, but it should still make for some easy magazine feature writing.

A.: 10 to 1 Uffie Exciting, easily parrotable backstory? Twenty-year-old Anna-Catherine Hartley was born in Miami but moved to Hong Kong when she was 4.

"Oh, my God, it's like having a 'happy' drug with you at all times that you can just look at to feel its effects," White gushes.

Read more Madonna Speaks Out About IVF Admist Dolce & Gabbana Controversy The Philadelphia native is at work on her new album, set for a summer release, which will mark a return to music after three years away. A native of Saint-Brieuc, France, Yelle (real name: Julie Budet) rose to fame when her “Je veux te voir,” a dis track about a well-known French rapper’s small penis, became a hit on My Space. (She lived.) At 15, she relocated to Paris, started dating a D. She also took part on the Lonely Island's 2011 album Turtleneck & Chain, lending her vocals to the track "After Party." White collaborated with Spank Rock on "Car Song", for his album Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar.In 2012, Santigold was one of the guests on Amadou & Mariam's album, Folila, and featured on the track "Dougou Badia." In 2013, she appeared on ASAP Rocky's debut album, Long. ASAP featuring on the track, "Hell." In 2015, Santigold was featured in i Love Makonnen's song, "Forever".

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I have to say, ' OK, he's got enough.' " Her biggest weakness?

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